The Story So Far

You guys are rad. We like you. Not just in the typical 'you give us money so we like you' way a brand says they like you.

You send us messed up Snapchats. You party with us. You tell us how farked you were when you ruined your favourite Cools tee and beg us for a new one. You make us laugh and keep us hungry to keep doing better.

Maybe all the partying is starting to take it's toll, but we thought it was about time that we document our wild ride in the twenty months since the idea for Barney Cools was first hatched. Thank you for the support and your part in our story to date.

The Start

Founded by Nat Taubman, Humble beginnings in the tree house

We kicked things off in 2014. Living a salty life in a tree house at Whale Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches, surfing every day and as the creative director of ZANEROBE, Nat Taubman realized the opportunity to make threads that look good, feel good and can stand up to the thrashing he gives them without costing an arm and a leg.

Jake Starts
Sept 14

Barney Cools gets its first employee – Jakey boy!

You probably recognize Jakey's mug from Snapchat. He jumped on board shortly after day one.

With his cheeky grin and lovely long locks he started on social media and has worked his way up to Brand Manager... Killing it!

Yolanda be Cool
Sept 14

Yolanda Be Cool join the family

From tropical tunes to house bangers, the Yolanda boys help us keep productivity high. We share half our name with these guys so they're basically family.

Yolanda Be Cool
Oct 14

Our first collection 'Poolside Etiquette 1' hits shelves

First impressions count.

Overall the collection was really well received. Our Cools tees and sweats continue to be some of our most popular pieces, though are a few creations that we look back on and cringe. We'll be the first to admit that our Hawaiian style twinsie sets are despicable, they belong in a kids dress-up trunk.

Oct 14

Cutsnake join the crew and cut sick

Cut sick in the surf or cut sick in a club. You can throw these two anywhere and they won't be like a fish out of water. Surfers turned DJ's, they've had our stamp of approval since way back.

Cut Snake Cools
Nov 14

Hit our first Shelves and break the internet by dropping on Hypebeast

Hypebeast has some serious street cred and we're stoked to have them as our longest standing retailer.

Dillon Francis
Jan 15

Dillon Francis reps the brand

Big time DJ/Producer Dillon doesn't take shit too seriously. He loves to take the piss and we love him for it.

Dillon Francis
Tom Foggs
Feb 15

Tommy Starts

Tommy, aka 'Wild Oats' wore boat shoes and a Polo shirt on his first day. We paid him out 'til no end and thankfully he's come a long way since then.

He's all over the marketing side of things. He also has nice hair.

Feb 15

Launch Party

It was a little delayed, but what it lacked for in promptness it made up for in looseness. POOLCLVB and Grmm had everyone dancing well in to the evening.

Poolside Etiquette 2
Feb 15

Our second collection 'Poolside Etiquette 2' drops

After the huge success of Poolside Etiquette 1, we had to back it up with another showstopper.

Our boardies started to fly out the door, the first of our bucket hats saw the light of day and we turned the ‘Cools' Tee in to a Cools Muscle - genius.

Feb 15

Hit US shores at Urban Outfitters

They may have been a bit slow to the punch but the US finally caught on. In Feb we hit Urban Outfitters, a big step in the right direction.

Peking Duck
Mar 15

Peking Duk make the cut, joining the team

A DJ/Producer duo that are always up to mischief. Big tunes, big fun and they love repping their Cools.

Peking Duck
Mar 15

Globetrotting, WMC in Miami

We love to blur the lines between business and pleasure and this is one of those instances. We headed to Miami for a ‘photo shoot' but ended up ripping it at parties every day instead.

Miami Miami
April 15

Jillionaire reps the brand

Jillionaire loves his Cools, dropping into the office to grab fresh produce every time he's in town. He digs our threads and we dig his tunes. We have a good thing going on.

Poolside Etiquette 3
May 15

'Poolside Etiquette 3' comes out

The Red and Navy B.Cools snapbacks that you see all the time were launched in in our PE3 range. This collection also focused heavily on improving our jacketing and sweats.

Seth Troxler
May 15

Seth Troxler on cover of DJ Mag

As one of the biggest underground electronic music DJ/Producers, Seth Troxler is a fruity character. The cover speaks for itself - big game!

Seth Troxler
May 15

Jakey gets the snip

From hipster to dog whisperer.

Jake Before Miami
June 15

Potato Bakes & Stomach aches - The boys fall sick after hitting up Sizzler

We had the great idea of heading to Sizzler for lunch, but we all ended up with stomach aches. Turns out it was actually a shit idea in disguise.

June 15

Mikey joins

Mikey moved to Sydney from Melbourne but we don't hold that against him. He does our digital and basically whatever he feels like. Coding is like his second language... NERD!

Glue Store
July 15

Glue gets its first drop

This was huge for us, getting the backing of one of Australia's most recognized and well regarded stores.

Glue Store
Poolside Etiquette 4
Aug 15

Launched Poolside Etiquette 4 Collection

You've probably noticed a trend by now with the gear progressively improving each collection. PE4 was an especially important jump as we felt like it took things to the next level.

The Homie Tee is everyone's best mate, the hoodies are infectious and the knits have you hooked!

Aug 15

10K followers on IG

Thanks to all our Instagram pals!

Fave 'grams

Sept 15

Mikey has a huge night and throws up at work.

What was he even thinking?!

PE5 Collection
Nov 15

Poolside Etiquette 5 'Boys don't listen' collection drops

We're all about the 90's - Nintendo 64's, the Milky Bar Kid, bright colours and loose fits. It was in this collection that we started to express our love of the 90's in our designs.

Pink started its resurgence too. Pink is so hot right now.

Your Paradise
Nov 15

We hit the Your Paradise festival in Fiji

We flew the flag for Barney Cools in Fiji. We couldn't say no to 4 days of sunshine, waves, kava and partying.

Your Paradise
Davi Starts
Dec 15

Davi Starts

Our baby-faced designer joined the team and he brought with him a truckload of cheeky banter... Eminem says ‘Nobody listens to techno' but Davi would say otherwise.

He thinks he's the lord of techno.

Melbourne Road Trip
Dec 15

Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip for Glue Store Staff Party

We were heading to Melbourne to host their staff party and decided to make a road trip of it, stopping on the south coast for a few waves before hotfooting it down the coast to get buck wild with the Glue team.

Jake Before Miami
Feb 16

We launch the 'School of Barney Cools' collection

The School of Barney Cools has gone off! We shot the whole campaign on our homies and now they're all considering quitting their day jobs... Don't let it go to your head boys!

Wet n Wild
Feb 15

Wet'n'Wild excursion

What do you do on a summers afternoon when you're all over work? You go to Wet N' Wild of course. We took our mate Perno with us to shoot the whole thing and we got up to a heap of mischief.

WetnWild The boys
Feb 15

Davi gets pink eye

Our Wet'n'Wild trip was the cause of many laughs, a bunch of great imagery and for Davi, one very pink eye. Ha sucker.

Davi Gets Pink Eye
Mar 16

48 Hours with Barney Cools

Surf, party, surf, party, surf – Welcome to 48 hours in the life of the Barney Cools! Our homie Tyler followed us around with his camera for a weekend and threw together this dope vid. So good!

April 16

Steaming ahead in the US with our introduction into Bloomingdales

Onwards and upwards, you can now find us in Bloomingdales - one of the States biggest retailers.

May 16

School of Barney Cools II launches

After we got over the awkwardness of term I - getting to know the other students and annoying the teachers to no end, we knew that we would really hit our stride with School of Barney Cools II. Our Whale Knit and VIP Bomber were everyones favourites. Our marks weren't that great, but shit, we had a good time!

The Local
May 16

Launched in 'The Local .132' in LA

LA's new favourite store launched with all Australian products. We made the cut, and L.A has never looked better.

Packing List
May 15

The Packing List

With so much travel coming up, we finally learnt how to pack our bags.

June 16

The boys experience shrinkage

We decided to get action figures made. Davi got naked, for a change. He has this weird obsession with getting his clothes off. See shrinkage

Davey Shrinkage
July 15

Hit the road with LDRU

When VB is a sponsor of the tour, you know you're in for a wild ride, and that's exactly what it was. 8 shows, 8 hangovers and countless stories.

July 16

Barney Cools DJ's play at Splendour in the Grass

For the first time in history it wasn't raining cats n' dogs. We played our debut festival set - don't remember a thing though.

July 16

Animal Capsule Launches

We love animals, so we made a capsule with animal prints. Now there's pelicans flapping around, Orcas give us splash and craps getting nippy all over the world.

Animal Capsule
August 16

Launched in Myer

Landing comfortably on the shelves of one of Australia's biggest retailers..... another notch in the belt.

August 16

School of Barney Cools III

We knew we were onto something special with School of Barney Cools III and it hasn't disappointed. Our crew are stoked, they love it, and we're stoked that our crew love it. Same fun vibe, more shenanigans and less brain cells - class has commenced.

August 16

Barney Cools Presents Motez at Mona Vale Hotel

The bassline king took us by the scruff of our necks and showed us a good time. He shook the walls of a sold out Mona Vale Hotel till early in the morning.

Cools Club
September 16


Formerly Barney Cools DJ's got a slight facelift. Introducing Cools Club - keep your ear to the ground, we're coming for you!

Cools Club
September 16

Barney Cools Presents Gary Clarke Junior & Talib Kweli at The Surf Lodge

We wrapped up northern hemisphere summer in true Barney Cools fashion. Sunshine, cocktails, girls and tunes all showed their face, as you'd expect!

The End
The future...

What next?

We're free spirited, open-minded, globetrotting, salt water lovin', laid-back dudes. We make rad clothes but we're not ‘fashion', we don't get caught up in that bullshit because we're too busy living.

Our crew is always expanding, as are our horizons. What started in a shack in Sydney, Australia can now be found everywhere from Wollongong to Wichita, Bendigo to Berlin and beyond. Poolside etiquette to School of Barney Cools - with each new collection our office has grown but luckily our heads haven't.

If there's swell we surf, when there's snow we ski. There's nothing freer than hitting the open road, getting a little lost and finding some hidden gems. It's our idea of a good time.

We've come a long way and there are too many people to thank, but Barney Cools wouldn't be Cool at all if it weren't for our customers. You guys are fucking rad. Don't stop partying, don't stop living and don't stop repping your Cools gear.

If you see us around don't be shy. Buy us a beer and we'll B.friends. Keep up with us if you can - @Barneycools

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