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We’re The Class of ’16

Graduation is almost upon us, so we’re looking back at some of our favourite styles from 2016.



We’re soon to bid farewell to the School of Barney Cools, where the hours have been flexible and so too the rules. Our school colours require are a nice dark tan, our dedication and persistence on the sand has paid off. Attendance is always optional because when there are waves to catch or rays to snatch the classroom is not where we belong.



We all got full marks in maths, subtracting two shoes is a breeze and we don’t need a text book to tell us that enjoying two days off after working for five in a row is a stitch up.


Our jacketing went off this year! If you’re still yet to give the Pink Florida Bomber the attention it deserves then you should reevaluate the situation! Denim is here to stay in both jacketing and pants, rips are in and super tight jeans are out.

You’ll notice a number of our Tee’s feature embroidery logos. You can expect to see these on a bunch of new styles going forward – The people have spoken, and they like what they see!

Before we walk down the school hallway for the last time, we’ve still got some pranks up our sleeve and a bit of ‘party’ left in our tank. Check out our favourite looks from School of Barney Cools and shop them while you still can!