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School of Barney Cools ~ Term III

Term III has commenced, get your shit together!

School of Barney Cools, Term III has commenced. Get your shit together!

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Our report cards say we don’t apply ourselves, but in my books commitment is waking up at the crack of dawn for a wave. They claim I’m a distraction, but I can’t see the harm of some friendly interaction. Teachers think my focus lacks, but I’ve been tuning the same bird for over two weeks now. They tell me I need better time management, but arriving last and leaving first sounds perfect to me.


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Thank F#ck for Barney Cools – There ain’t no wavin if you’re slavin, so we’ll be frothin’ till the coffin. Although things have cooled down in the south we’re only just warming up.


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Welcome back to the third term of The School of Barney Cools, where whatever goes. Things just seem to make more sense here.

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