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Take a B.Line ……

What do we do with every spare second we can find on the weekend? We B.Line it straight to the nearest activity ~ The beach for […]

What do we do with every spare second we can find on the weekend? We B.Line it straight to the nearest activity ~ The beach for surf check, a beer at the local, a cruise on our board, an afternoon on the boat or for a bit of a bush bash. What do we do after a hard day at work? The same….. I’m sure you can see the pattern here.

We’re regularly rocking boardshorts, but just as often we elect something with a bit more length to cover up the pins. The B.Line pant has become the go to ~ in our wardrobes in both stretch chino fabric and denim, you can’t go wrong with the slim straight fit. When Nat first designed these there was severe vibrations through his mouse and up his arm, because that my friends, is how it feels when you’ve struck gold!

The B.Line is reliable, it will never let you down. Each time we find a spare second and B.Line it for an activity, our trusty chino’s and jeans are ready for us ~ to check the surf at the beach, go for a beer, a cruise on our board, on the boat or when being at one with nature in the bush tickles our fancy.

Here’s how we do!


Take a B.Line…. to the beach


Fall out of bed, pull them on and you’re good to go! Undies or no undies, tee or no tee, who cares! You can talk the talk and the Blow Out Ice B.Line Jean will help you walk the walk. Ripped denim looks dope, and on the hotter days the rips will give you all the ventilation you require.

Take a B.Line…. to a beer


Our home away from home – the pub. The B.Line stretch chino gives you homely comfort without looking homeless. You don’t have to be wearing a collared shirt to be looking smart either, the M.Rourke jacket and B.Original LS will get you across the line every time!

Take a B.Line…. to the board


We skate, but we’re no Tony Hawk. Denim is rugged and hard wearing so it will take a thrashing, love every moment of it and then beg you for more. You’ll break bones before you break the B.Line Denim. Throw on the Florida Bomber with it for an easy win and get ready to be inundated with compliments.

Take a B.Line…. to the boat


We’re not talking ‘daddy’s yacht’ here, dangling a line from a dinghy will do just fine. The B.Line’s nice deep pockets will mean your things don’t go missing and they’re nice and easy to cuff when you’re splashing around in the shallows… or if you spring a leak. Keeping on the nautical theme, the Bangma Knit will keep you protected from the brisk sea breeze while the Orca homie is sure to scare away any unwanted sea life.

Note: We suggest you wear a dark colour if you plan to put fish brains and prawn guts all over them.

Take a B.Line…. to the bush


Exploring is one of our favourite past times. No map, no reception and all the time in the world ~ there aren’t many better ways to escape. If scaling rocks is your vibe, the stretch chino fabric will definitely come in handy, or if staying on the beaten path is your thing then the comfortable, breathable material is perfect.

Take a hike!

The B.Line Lineup

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