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Although Motel Cools has only been on our virtual shelves for a week, the team has been rocking these styles for a few months – […]

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Although Motel Cools has only been on our virtual shelves for a week, the team has been rocking these styles for a few months – #perks – which means we’ve had a while to get our heads around which styles work together nicely.
We don’t like to brag, but these ain’t no rags.


Whether you think pineapple belongs on a pizza or not, it won’t matter once you’re gallivanting around in this all-party outfit.

Shirt ~ The Camp-Collar Pineapple shirt is calling out to be partied in. It’s relaxed fit and 100% breathable fabric will get you through the warmer months, no sweat. Throw on a white singlet under for bonus style points.

Shorts ~ The B.Safe short is a safe bet. They go with most tee’s and shirts and are a breeze to get around it. Deep pockets are perfect for smuggling hip flasks in to parties… or just holding your phone and wallet. They come in Army (pictured) and Navy.

This is your perfect weekend warrior outfit – chuck it on without thinking twice. The beach is beckoning, but so is the skatepark and the pub. No matter where you end up, you are sorted my friend!

Tee ~ The B.Loved Slub has more going for it than meets the eye. Slub material might look like a normal Tee but oh boy, it’s a whole lot more – it’s highly breathable and feels like a nice soft linen. If I could wear one fabric for the rest of my life, it would be slubs.

Shorts ~ What’s not to love about a short that’s based on 90’s fitness style. It’s the type of short you would have seen in Baywatch. They’re quick dry too.. the Hoff would have loved that.

Say hello to our favourite summer look. Best worn with a cocktail in hand and a girl under your arm.

Shirt ~ Girls, Girls, Girls! It’s steezy not sleazy and confident not cocky – It’s a fine line, but the Pink Button Up SS treads it perfectly . This pink number is 100% breathable loose weave summer weight cotton. Don’t do all the buttons up, that’s way too uptight.

Pants ~ The Stripe B.Rabbit Carrot pant are definitely one of our more adventurous products. They are our first true carrot fit pant – that means loose up top, tapered at the cuff’. If you do the walking, the pants will do the talking.


When it’s nutsack shrinking weather this is your go-to. Warm, comfortable and we reckon it looks pretty dope.

Top half ~  Let’s start with the hat… you might be wondering why this isn’t a beanie, well if you’ve got a hood that you can whip on when it’s proper cold, then there’s no need to wear a beanie is there? When you layer the The Army BC hood with a B.Bold Bomber you can wave farewell to being cold, it’s like being hugged by a polar bear.

Jeans ~ The B.Line jean are an asset to any wardrobe – you’ll wear them over and over and over…. and over. They sit somewhere between a skinny and straight leg fit – what we like to refer to as a conservative fit. The rips contribute a bit of attitude to keep things fun and interesting.

Whether you’re wondering around the streets of Shorditch, enjoying Brooklyn’s best or steady rockin’ in Sydney, you’re going to score compliments wherever you go. It’s a contemporary take on double denim but with a retro vibe…. interesting.

Up Top ~ No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, it is a pink denim jacket. The Pink B.rigid jacket is made from hard wearing denim and it will probably outlast you, unless someone steals it. Layer it over the retro looking B.Schooled Army Tee and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped out of a time warp…. in the best way possible.

Bottoms ~ Ankles are so hot right now, so get them out there! Cuff your denim, you’ll feel like a new man. The Salty Indigo B.Line jeans look washed out, which suits the retro look of this outfit perfectly. They also achieve extreme levels of comfort thanks to a light amount of stretch.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a laid back, easy going look. This style is super chilled and will minimise the struggle of getting out of bed.

Top ~ The layered look strikes again! This time there’s a slight role reversal as the outerwear longer than the hoodie. The B.Known jacket will do a good job of breaking the wind, without breaking the bank. The flannel lining is cosy, so too is the B.Cause We’re Aus Hoodie underneath. If it’s not freezing, this style still works if you deduct the hoodie or the jacket.

Bottom ~ The B.Relaxed fit is nice and voluminous, helping to create a relaxed look, whilst tapering in at the ankle allows the pants to maintain an on trend silhouette. Give them a couple of rolls, pull on some comfortable sneakers and you’ll be comfier and warmer than you were in bed this morning.