Styled Up ~ Motel Cools Two

Our Latest drop, Motel Cools Collection Two, brought about over 100 new products. You can be forgiven if you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed when trying to […]

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Our Latest drop, Motel Cools Collection Two, brought about over 100 new products. You can be forgiven if you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed when trying to decide how to turn these new threads into a well styled look. Here’s the direction you’re after to get your wardrobe looking spick and spam – we’ve whipped together three summer and three winter styled looks with our favourite new pieces.

Copy them from top to bottom or add you’re own flavour, you can’t go wrong!

If you want to B.Fit you need to stay sporty – The B.Quick combo is your go to. Some call it activewear, we prefer to call it attractivewear.

Up Top – The B.Quick jacket is a lightweight, mesh lined, zip-front throw-on that is built for activities. Unlike other active based threads we’ve taken a retrospective look at sporting apparel rather than trying to look something out of the matrix.
Throw on a simple white tee under and you’re laughing!

Down Below – The B.Quick shorts are ready and waiting to be run around in. Run from the Po Po, run to the pub or run from your mates who are trying to ‘borrow’ your favourite shorts. The lightweight Nylon fabric gives the effect of wearing nothing at all! Let your plums breath!

Simple doesn’t mean boring.

Up Top – The B.Schooled Tee in it’s different variations has been the most popular Tee style over the past few collections. Being a regular fit, if you want the oversized look grab a size or two up, otherwise this bad boy is true to size. Maybe it’s something about the stripes that draws people in, we don’t know, but the brown one is a treat. When you’re throwing it on, be ready for compliments to be hurled at you left right and centre.

Down Below – The B.Rabbit Pant in black is a true carrot fit, meaning that it’s relaxed around the pockets and tapers in at the cuff. Relaxed fitting pants are in and this is the perfect stepping stone from straight leg to boxy fit.

If you want to be the captain of the ship, you need to dress like the captain. Steer your ship straight onto the dance floor with a summer outfit that is on the money!

Up Top – This is where the magic of this outfit happens – The summer weight, brushed 100% cotton Yacht Club Short Sleeve shirt is fully breathable and demands attention. It’s light hearted and fun, and will be the conversational piece that you whip out time and time again.
To style it undo the bottom and top two buttons. Super chilled.

Down Below – The Indigo poolside 17″ are built for just that, kicking it poolside. No matter where you actually are, the combination of the Poolside 17″ and Yacht Club SS will instantly take to a dreamy poolside oasis with bikini clad women and soothing beats. But seriously, this outfit will have you cruising in no time!

It’s time to farewell the Christmas sweater that Nanna knitted you and get something a little smarter going on… Sorry Nanna, no hard feelings!

Up Top ~ Layering the cosy Navy Stripe Retro Knit over the top of the Always Sunny Tee turns a laze about every day outfit into something a little bit more luxe. The Navy Stripe is all the hype and partnered with the Cools script embroidery you’re sure to get a few eyeballs coming your way.

Down Below ~ The B.Relaxed Jean makes every day feel like the weekend and being a light wash, they’re definitely more suited to kicking back rather than formal occasions. The Knit X B.Relaxed combo is meant to be.

We treasure our days of leisure and this outfit is made for days like these.

Up Top ~ Our Pink Leisure LS will keep the spring in your step throughout the colder months. If it’s really nippy, wear this out and there’s no doubt you’ll have someone to keep you warm in no time.

Down Below ~ With this styled look, we let the tee do the talking. Throw on a simple pair of XO Black B.Relaxed Jeans and your favourite pair of sneakers and you’re hot to trot.

This one is for the cool cats. Don’t be a whimp, take a risk and try something new!

Up Top – The homie tee is an oversized tee, it looks 2 X sizes too big but it feels just right! The embroidered Cools signature logo is luxe and the stripes work a treat with the stripes of the pants. The army inspired B.Enlisted jacket will keep in the heat and the nice big pockets will keep your ciggies hidden and hands warm… It kind of looks like you could have stolen this from your great grandpas wardrobe. In a good way of course.

Down Below – Skinny jeans are out and everything is moving towards these bad boys – the boxy fitted cropped pant. We call it the Chodus, because it’s small and wide. You’re probably not used to wearing a pant like this, but trust us when we say it’s the way forward.