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New Season, New Styles

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From intense colours to muted tones, short shorts to short longs (or are they long shorts?) soft cottons to hard wearing denim – Motel Cools takes you on a trip back in time with future inspired fabrications. We’ve discovered uniformity in making threads that are different and we’re constantly evolving to make sure we stay the same.

We’re a complex, bipolar, hybrid. Yet, it’s this unique mosaic that makes Barney Cools ‘one’ – unparalleled and a wee bit kooky.

Ripe for the picking – here are our best-of-the-bunch looks from the new collection. They’re hot-to-trot and ready-to-rumble whenever you are…. Get stuck in!




B.Schooled Tee

Over the past 12 months the B.Schooled tees have become one of our most popular styles. The simple sewn on ‘B’ logo partnered with some punchy stripes makes them fun without being over the top.

B.Cools Linen Short

Summer and linen go together almost as well as summer and mangoes. The light and airy fabric let’s the breeze run free and makes you feel like you’re on a yacht in the Bahamas. The light pink is the perfect splash of colour.

Woven Shirting

Our ever expanding woven shirt range is a sign of the times, everyone loves to get a bit fruity and there’s no better attire to compliment this attitude than a party shirt. Rock them undone with a white singlet or tee under, or if the weather is turning it on run it solo… the less buttons the better!

Amphibious 17″ Short

They’re called the amphibious short because they’re just as good in the water as they are out of it – from the beach to the bar. The stretchy material and mesh pocket lining make them the perfect techy beach short.

Motel Cools Long Sleeve Tee

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean every day is a short sleeve day. We’ve sprinkled some new long sleeve flavour over our Motel Cools buffet to keep your appetite at bay. The Embroidered ‘Motel Cools’ chest logo is deluxe!

Chodus Jean

Tough wearing denim means no blow-outs on a big night out. They’re a boxy fit with cropped length and the light wash says ‘Summer’ like no other.

B.Rigid Jacket

The denim jacket is a staple, but the B.Rigid Panel jacket is a game changer. It’s a retro throwback with more personality than your aunties pet parrot. It also looks dope when you layer one of our Relapse Hoodies underneath it.

B.Relaxed Chino

Trends are steering us towards boxier fits and the B.Relaxed fit is what we have tokened as the perfect stepping stone. It’s not slim or boxy, as the name suggests it’s nice and relaxed!

Sports Hood

There’s nothing quite as cosy as a hoodie. The sports hood has the balance of not being too wild, nor too boring…. the trick lies in the white panelling.

B.Rabbit Chino

The B.Rabbit got it’s name because it’s a carrot fit pant. This means that it’s a relaxed fit which tapers in around the ankle. This pant has been in circulation for a few seasons now and it’s not slowing down. We’ve managed to create a striped chino that is easy to wear, magic!

Cabin Long Sleeve Shirt

Everyone should have at least one flannelette shirt in their wardrobe. The Cabin Long Sleeve takes things to the next level with it’s superior soft fabrication and easy to wear Rose Plaid colouration.

B.Schooled Cap

No hat no play! Our B.Schooled cap is shallow fitting and is the type of lid that you’ll find yourself wearing every day.Once you put on the six panel design, you won’t want to take it off.