We passed the aux over The Atlantic to our friend RAC and can confirm he’s pulled through for the boys.

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Each morning, we pass the auxiliary cord around the office until one of us manages to stir together a cocktail of tunes good enough to get us through to sundown. Whether it’s Touch Sensitive’s latest or Daryl Braithwaite’s greatest, someone always manages to pull through for the boys! This week, we’ve floated our mega-extendable waterproof aux cord across The Atlantic to our Portuguese friend André Allen Anjos, the founder and now sole member of RAC (Remix Artist Collective).
We can confirm that he’s pulled through for the lads!



We’ve all heard our favourite tracks transformed into club bangers, but André likes to do things a bit different. Since 2007, he’s plied his trade in producing feel good indie-electronic jams as well as over 200 remixes for artists that steer away from the club type paradigm. Earlier this year, the lord earned himself a Grammy award nomination and took it out for his epic take on Tearing Me Up by Bob Moses. Stoked!

His resume includes appearances at Coachella, Firefly Music Festival and Lollapalooza and his taste in music is just as impressive – we’ve let him take the reigns of our Spotify and curate a playlist full of his favourite jams for your poolside pleasure, take a listen below.




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