Poolside Etiquette Mixtape .16

From Newport to New Orleans, here’s our latest selection of tunes inspired by our summer in the land of liberty.

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Long overdue, but well worth the wait. Like a Sydney summers day – another poolside etiquette mixtape is warmly welcomed by the Cools crew.

From Newport to New Orleans, we’ve spent the Aussie winter chasing waves & raves in our home away from home, the land of liberty. It’s about time we settled down in familiar territory and began planning another BC summer so we can rip it with our crew.

Plug in and enjoy our latest mix of favourites – windows down.



Expectations – Harvey Sutherland
Joutro Mundo – Olhos De Sá
Esa Extended Mix – Africa Ni Leo
Sumarai – Esa Williams, Sarabi, Bantu Clan
Let’s Break the Rules – Joakim
Signals – DJ Nature
Moon King – In & Out
A Vision Of Panorama – Paradisica

Super Koto (Andras Fox Extended Mix) – Ponzu Island
PHILOSOPHY! (Crazy P Remix) – Baio
It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) – Peggy Gou
Mangwana (feat. Zeke Manyika) – Faze Action
Run River (Ray Mang’s Instrumental Version) – Mozez
International Smark (feat. Tigerlight) – Payfone
Heat-Wave – Daniel T.