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The Dope Selector

We recently caught up with a very mysterious character who we like to call the ‘Dope Selector’ and let him work his magic. Check it!

When we create a new collection, we do so with a vision focused around a few key styles – Ones that we know will appeal to a broad audience. These are our staples. We then turn our attention to the cooler cats with some styles that we know will keep their envy inducing wardrobes up to standard… they may not be as popular with a broad audience, but these styles are juicy in their own right.

We recently caught up with a very mysterious character we like to call the ‘Dope Selector’. We give him free reign to take whatever he wants from each collection because his outfits generally leave us wondering ‘Why didn’t we think of that?’ – commandeering a handful of staples then donning a few of the cooler styles to keep things spicy.

We finally decided that the dope selector deserves a fair slice of airtime. Check his picks below and if you need outfit inspiration, here you have it!


The pink bomber is a statement piece, meaning that you only have to wear it with basic pieces like the Excursion Tee and B.Line Chinos to put together an epic outfit. It’s also has jersey lining so it’s cosy, but if you’re copping breathtakingly cold conditions than we recommend you throw one of our hoodies underneath for extra warmth.



If this outfit doesn’t get you excited then nothing will. It’s a winter winner that ticks all the boxes – Blow Out ripped jeans (tick), multi layered (tick) and oversized army jacket (tick). You should also note the detail of the Sport Embo Tee, it deserves all the attention you can give.

If you haven’t noticed, this outfit excites us…. Dope Selector with the goods!



Fellas, listen up… SUMMERS HERE! It’s our favourite time of year, we can live in our boardies. Enter stage right, our Amphibious 17 short. It’s one part beach short, one part walk short and 100% the most comfortable and versatile short you will ever own. Throw it with a muscle and head to the beach or throw on a long sleeve tee like the B.Original LS pictured here and the pub is calling. Never before has a short felt this good at the beach and at the pub.