Motel Cools Mixtape 009 • GL

Sensual Bass Lines

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Welcome to the peak of the festive season, where the days are longer, the drinks are stronger and your favourite party shirt is suited to any occasion. The sun shines from the beginning of the poolside fiesta all the way through till after your prawn-induced siesta and by the time you’ve risen, you’re ready to groove your way into the night and your plethora of New Year celebrations ahead.

It’s not an end of year shindig without the injection of some throwbacks, so we’ve acquired the Melbourne masters of groove, GL, equipped with some retro funk and sensual bass lines set to run your mind wild. Whether you’re in need of a pick-me-up during a post-Christmas comedown or a euphoric soundtrack to bring in your NYE, this mix is packed full of organic ecstacy that’ll boost your serotonin faster than any banana.

If Adam and Eve listened to any baby-making music during their process of creation, this was most certainly it.