A Short Journey To Middle Earth

Come on a journey to Middle Earth where a safe return is possible but never probable.

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Let’s take a brief trip to a land where grave danger is always near, human life may be scarce but nature holds abundant beauty. Wild beasts meander and the greatest pleasures are born from the environment. You’re a guest, but don’t expect any pleasantries. Come on a journey to Middle Earth where a safe return is possible but never probable.

Alright, we’re not actually going to Middle Earth, but if you have a healthy imagination then we kind of are. You should never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Josh Ku, Barney Cools official ambassador of ‘getting off the beaten track’, and Sidekick/Photographer Mark Clinton jumped over the ditch to NZ Earlier in the month for a spot of exploring.



 They manhandled raw landscapes, skirted their way around fierce hurricane-esque storms, copped debilitating fevers resulting from an unrelenting illness experts have labeled ‘the hangover’, did the tango with murderous seals and managed to come out unscathed with a memory card stacked with images that are fit for a gallery wall.



We had to pack light, but pack right because when the sun was out it was scorching, when it rained it poured and when it was windy it was gale force. I guess that’s just the beauty of the beast.
The glory of Middle Earth.