Hey Shorty!

Finding the right summer companion is no easy task. Here’s our shorts guide!

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The sun is out, summer is near and there’s only one thing on your mind – finding yourself a new shorty! After all…summer is the season of love.

Finding ‘the one’ is no easy task and what’s good for one isn’t necessarily good for all. But we know that when you know, you know.

The Amphibious 17″

The Amphibious 17″ is our do it all short – you won’t have to take them off. As the name suggests they are just as good in the water as they are out. They’re perfect for our routine of going from the beach to pub and also have more stretch than a Russian gymnast’s groin.
If swimming is on the agenda, these are your go-to.

Barney Cools is the Prince of Prints

The Poolside 17″

Sometimes dipping your feet in the pool is enough and you don’t need to fully submerge yourself. For this, the Poolside 17″ will excel. They’re the same cut as the Amphibious 17″, just made of super lightweight denim cotton. While you’re mates are splashing about in their amphibious shorts, you can kick back and throw down a handful of cocktails.
For your evening escapades simply throw on a shirt and you’ll be set like quick dry cement.