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Beers – some would describe them as the lifeblood of Barney Cools.

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Beers – Some would describe them as the lifeblood of Barney Cools: A mixture of yeast, water, hops and barley combine like Colonel’s secret herbs and spices to relax our senses, free our minds and lift the weight off our shoulders after a hard days hustle. On top of salt water and long road trips, we’ve relied on ice-cold brewskis to keep the crew sane since we kicked off the Barney Cools shenanigans in 2014. We should give thanks to our frothy drink of choice for some our fondest memories, slightest regrets and courage that only a liquid could provide.

We feel it’s time we shed light on our favourite brews, so we’ve rated them on the merits of their taste, strength and price. Keep this in mind next time you cruise through your nearest liquor shop or the local pub for an ice-cold schooner!


Balter XPA

Started by a bunch of surfers – Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbridge & Josh Kerr, the crew from Balter have made every man’s dream their reality. Based in Currumbin on Australia’s sunny Gold Coast, they’ve cracked the code for a fruity palette that will run your taste buds wild – Essentially, it’s an intoxicating fruit salad in a can! Tailored for those who enjoy a fully hopped beer that’s still easy to drink, it’s hands down our favourite tinny on the market. The only thing letting Balter down is their price point,  but they’re producing liquid gold so it’s worth every penny.

Balter has just won International Pale Ale at the prestigious AIBA’s against 200 other beers, so we clearly aren’t the only ones who love the taste. Power to the tinnie!

Taste: Imagine the taste of a deserted island called Barney Cools – it’s tropical and floral.

Cost: At the time you might be hesitant to fork out $58-$65 dollarydoos for a 16 pack of cans, but once you lock lips with the ice cold aluminium and sip some Balter goodness you’ll thank yourself for giving VB a break. Good beers don’t come cheap!

Strength: Don’t let the fact that these are canned make you think that Balter’s don’t pack a punch. With 5.0 percent, you’ll be feeling a lot more fruity than the rest of your crew after a few of these.

Froths out of five: ?????


Kosciuszko was first brewed in the highest brewery in Australia, proving beers made at a higher altitude are superior. Take note Fosters! We love our Pale Ales and think the mountaineer brewers have nailed it – these guys deliver a slightly cloudy touch that challenges the limits of Pale Ale as we know it down under. Fortunately for us, you can find these in any Sydney pub that prides itself on good craft beers!

Taste: Pleasant maltiness with a refreshing fruity hop finish – imagine the feeling of crisp alpine air, they’ve managed to bottle it.

CostAt around $9.50 a pop, they’re fairly priced for a good quality Pale Ale at the pub. However once you get one on tap you’ll never look back, so they’re not safe for any homies trying to save a dollar or two.

Strength: 4.5 percent – Not heavy, not light – just right!

Froths out of five: ?????

Brooklyn Lager

The Brooklyn Brewer crew and Brooklyn Lager have been there for us when we’ve needed them most. Our work trips to the states wouldn’t be the same without the dry-hopped goodness that these guys bottle up. Unlike a lot of beers, they steep (beer language, add grains to) their beers with fresh hops as it undergoes an extensive and chilly maturation – the result is a flavourful, smooth and refreshing beer that will have you feeling like Brooklyn’s Finest.

Taste: Like a standard lager, but a tad more malty and bitter. It’s as smooth as your best pick-up line and with slight hints of caramel malt in the finish, it might just be sweeter than your first love.

Cost: The taste of Brooklyn will set you back around $9 for a schooner or $80 for a case at your local craft beer dispensary.

Strength: At 5.2 percent, this is certainly a beer that you should dive-into. Go steady though, these aren’t too light.

Froths out of five: ????

Blue Moon

We love our Belgian friends for all things indulgent. Girls, waffles, chocolate and most importantly, Blue Moon. There isn’t a week that goes by that our office fridge isn’t accommodating a frosty six pack of these bad boys. Brewed with oats and featuring a cheeky combination of spiced coriander and orange peel, this wheat beer hosts a uniquely complex flavour that goes down a treat. Refreshing, smooth and medium-bodied, it’s our go-to post-work bevvy that puts the cherry on top of a solid week.

Taste: Refreshing and light, Blue Moon is a good introduction to wheat-style beers. Oats work to add creaminess while orange peel and spiced coriander keep things tangy!

Cost: You won’t have to shy away from buying a case every blue moon, these are one of the most reasonably priced craft beers out there and you’ll find a case for around $58 a pop if you know where to shop.

Strength: This wheaty fix is up there with Big Show when he was the World Heavyweight Champion – 5.4 percent.

Froths out of five: ????

Four Pines Pale Ale

Last but not least, our mates over at Four Pines have proved that post-surf chit chats can define the future. After a few waves, a father and son were talking chewing the fat about a gap in the market for an exceptional beer and not long after, the famous Pale Ale now known as Four Pines was born. Today, they’re handcrafting beers on the Sydney beaches for every froth head and their dog, we only wish our post-surf conversations were this constructive.

Taste: A nice balance of fruitiness with pine and grapefruit from the hops and a pleasant bitter finish, it’s easy to drink.

Cost: You’ll have change from a tenner ($10) and a case will only set you back a pineapple ($50). Cheering!

Strength: 5.2 percent – perfect for a Pale Ale if you ask us.

Froths out of five: ?????