Motel Cools mixtape 001 • Du Tonc

His buttery smooth bass lines tickled everyone the right way at the Barney Cools 2nd Birthday, he left us wanting more. So what did we […]


Cools Club Presents Live Mix Vol. 002

Cools Club is back! We thought it was about time for another sojourn. It’s steamy outside, not a day for the office. Lather yourself up with […]


Cools Club presents SOLÉ Fixtape Vol. 52

For the fifty-second chapter of the beloved ‘Fixtape’ series presented by Solé Bicycles, Cools Club have been granted lone access to the spotlight – their time to shine!


Surf Lodge Summer Wrap-up Mix

Sumer time in NYC can be a tough ordeal. Stinking hot days with no escape from the humidity, hustle and bustle. Escaping to the coast […]


Cools Club Presents Live Mix Vol. 001

The only club for you is Cools Club, where membership is free, music is loud, cocktails are strong and the mood is always rambunctious! Care to join?


Splendour in the Grass Mixtape

Splendour in the Grass, it’s basically Christmas in July. We’ve cooked up a little appetiser to get the juices flowing and the taste buds prepped. Wrap your ears around our Splendour Mixtape before you over-fill your plates with main course delights.


School of Barney Cools ~ Slow Jams Live Mixtape

The School of Barney Cools is just as much a haven of relaxation as it is a palace of partying. You can’t fly sky high 24/7, to stay sane you need to touch down at some point. This is the sound of relaxation. Take a load off, mould in to your seat and sooth your aching soul.


B.Friend – Allday

We recently had a chat to Allday. His lighthearted attitude and relevance to todays youth culture makes him a fresh of breath air in a scene that has held some average associations up until now.


Poolside Etiquette Mixtape 10

The easter weekend is always one of the best of the year, it’s a four day weekend which lends itself perfectly to a trip up or down the coast in search of waves.


Tyler Touche ~ Hammock House Mixtape

Tyler has thrown together a mix of what we like to call hammock house, best enjoyed horizontally with a beverage in hand and a subtle yet constant rock.


Tutorial 4 ~ Hip Hop Classics with Gill Bates

Gill is a showman, he looks at home with a mic in his hand, stirring up crowds and sending front row babes in to a frothing frenzy. He’s a classroom clown who keeps spirits high and everyone laughing, besides his teachers of course who struggle to get a word in when he’s in the room.