Norway headeer

… No way – Norway

A Sydney expat takes us on a breathtaking tour of his very own adventure playground.


The Bali Guide

From waves to raves, boozing to snoozing and everything in between.


Globetrotting ~ Norfolk Island With Jack

It was nicknamed ‘Hell in the Pacific’ in the 1700’s by troublemakers who found themselves caught up in the penal system, we can assure you that these days this couldn’t be further from the truth.


Five to Froth On ~ Artists to Plant Your Eyes on

Often ‘art’ is written off as being strictly limited to lovers of wanky gallery exhibitions. For people who go to opening nights, sip champagne and enjoy talking emotively about abstract pieces of whack. If you think art is limited to this, you’re wrong.


Store Love ~ The Local. 132

Sydney is our home but the world is our Oyster. We’re global nomads, in both our personal time and when we’re working. We’ve been spreading […]


Globetrotting ~ Hawaii

Hawaii, the birthplace of the shaka, home to potentially the worlds most revered surf break and a culture so laid back they’re basically horizontal.


USA Summer To Do List

Winter in the Southern Hemisphere is many things for Barney Cools. It’s the all day crisp offshore winds, big swells, beanies, layer upon layer of jumpers and jackets, hitting the sub average Australian ski slopes, but most importantly it’s a great excuse to piss off to somewhere a little warmer.


School of Barney Cools Launch Video

The first term at School of Barney Cools is well underway, when we’re not wagging we’ve been giving the teachers hell, the headmaster knows us on a first name basis and we’re still yet to put pen to paper.

Barney Cools Your Paradise 2016

Your Paradise Festival After Movie

When you and 15 of your best friends are plonked on a remote tropical island in Fiji with 500 other party animals, epic DJ’s and live acts for 6 days of partying you know shit is going to get real.