B.Friend ~ Motez

Motez – the king of basslines that make you go ‘awwww shiitttt’. We caught up with him for a chinwag and to find out 10 of his favourite tunes.


B.Friend ~ L D R U

We all love nodding our heads, tapping our feet, shaking our hips or doing whatever we do when the odd ‘banger’ comes full-pelt at us. Someone who is no stranger to launching these said ‘bangers’ in to oblivion is L D R U.


B.Friend ~ Jackson Carey

Our boy Jackson, he smiles more than anyone we know, he also surfs more than anyone we know. There must be a connection there somewhere.


B.Friend – Allday

We recently had a chat to Allday. His lighthearted attitude and relevance to todays youth culture makes him a fresh of breath air in a scene that has held some average associations up until now.


Globetrotting ~ Hawaii

Hawaii, the birthplace of the shaka, home to potentially the worlds most revered surf break and a culture so laid back they’re basically horizontal.

Panama Barney Cools asia banner

Globetrotting ~ Asia With Panama

You may think it’s a perk, they probably consider it a bit of a punish, but either way when you’re a member of a successful band you’re going to have to travel a whole lot.


B.Friend ~ Jack Entwistle

There’s something hypnotic about watching someone effortlessly surf a longboard. Their fluid motion as they muster all their weight in to a drop knee cutback, the way […]


Globetrotting ~ Tasmania

We love hitting the open road with the fellas. Strapping our boards to the roof or jamming them in the boot alongside a couple of cases of beer, a tent and a few days worth of supplies. Our Poolside etiquette mixtapes and some friendly banter at the ready, the Mrs’ left at home of course.


48Hrs of Barney Cools ~ Video

Surf, party, surf, party, surf – welcome to 48 hours in the life of the Barney Cools. Monday to Friday we slave away and on the weekends we let off steam, there’s always a surf or two in there for good measure because salt water heals all wounds, including hangovers.


Tutorial 4 ~ Hip Hop Classics with Gill Bates

Gill is a showman, he looks at home with a mic in his hand, stirring up crowds and sending front row babes in to a frothing frenzy. He’s a classroom clown who keeps spirits high and everyone laughing, besides his teachers of course who struggle to get a word in when he’s in the room.


Poolside Etiquette Party ~ Gallery

For some, Sundays are a day of rest, relaxation and catching up on a bit of ‘Netflix and Chill’. But not for Barney Cools, we’re all about Sunday sessions, they’re often the highlight of our week!