Five to Froth on ~ Sth Hemisphere Ski Trips

When there’s swell we surf, when there’s snow we ski, or board, or go to the slopes, stay indoors and throw Schnapps down like it’s water. Here’s our five favourite southern hemisphere ski resorts.


Five to Froth on~ Wetsuits

We wish we could surf in boardshorts all year round, unfortunately Australia is located at the bottom of the world and gets cold as f#ck in winter ~ Here’s five wetsuits to get your mitts on.

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Five to Froth on ~ Hangover Cures

We operate with an ‘If you’re going to do it, do it properly’ mentality, if you’ve seen us on the beers you’ll know. Being hungover so much means that we have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to getting over them.

Barney Cools kicks five to froth on

Five to Froth on ~ Kicks

Our theory is that if our clothes are still looking spick and spam after the thrashing we give them then they’ll withstand just about anything. Giving clothes a hard time doesn’t stop at tops and bottoms though, half of the activities we get up to requires legit footwear.


Five to Froth On ~ Trends From The 90’s

For this Five to Froth on we’re looking at trends that have done a full circle and are back on the shelves where they belong. Let’s take a walk down memory lane!


Five to Froth on – Babes

For this installment of Five to Froth on we’ve selected our five favourite hotties. Reducing this to a list of five was near impossible, no man should have to cull his Social Media Baes.


Five to Froth on ~ Netflix & Chill

Narcos on in the background. Beer and a half-empty pack of Tim Tams on the bedside table. Your chick draped in one of your long […]