Bottoms Up ~ The Chodus (Boxy Crop Fit)

Introducing our all new pant ~ Skinny is out and boxy, cropped is in. Now let your plums breath!

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Remember when everyone used to wear the jeans so tight you could see the outline of their bulge? Times have dramatically changed and no longer are our gonads gasping for a breath of air. Tight jeans are out and we’re seeing the resurgence of straighter and boxier fits, often cropped and in some cases sporting pinstripes rather than being plain denim or chino material.

The Chodus takes things to the extreme – they combine a true boxy fit with a cropped leg and have earned their stripes as being the edgiest most forward thinking pant of the moment. 


As you’re now well aware, the Chodus fit is boxy. The side seam falls from the hip straight down, creating a loose fitting draping aesthetic . The waistline is relaxed, so if in doubt go down a size – This is a traditional boxy fit. In addition to being boxy they’re also cropped, meaning the leg finishes around the ankle – this will differ depending on how long your pins are.

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