Bottoms Up ~ The B.Line (Slim Fit)

Let’s take an up close look at the B.Line pant ~ A wardrobe staple that we know you’ll love.

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The B.Line is your wardrobe staple. It’s as simple as that.

You could wear a different variation every day of the week and you still wouldn’t double up. If you thought Subway had a lot of options when you were building your sandwich you ain’t seen nothin yet! Pick from Cropped or Normal, Denim or Chino fabric and then jump over and select what colour you’re after. You have 8 different options in total.

What makes the B.Line a true staple isn’t the number of options though, it’s their versatility. Not a skinny fit, nor boxy –  just slim. Which means they work a treat with just about every tee or jacket out there and leaving you with a heap of different ways style them – Tuck in your tee, cuff the legs, wear the cropped ones without shoes or with long socks… the possibilities are endless, just add your own flavour!


As we’ve mentioned, the B.Line is a middle of the range ‘slim fit’. Meaning it’s not skinny and it’s not boxy. Being slim, it has a reasonably relaxed feeling, made even cruisier thanks to the elastane in the fabric. The graphic below gives you an accurate reading of how much they will hug your legs.
We’ve also just launched the crop version which is exclusive to our online store. Cropped means they have been cut at the ankle, giving a little less length but arguably  more steeze.



There’s a colour here for everyone.

Denim – Blow Out Black, Salty Indigo, Blow Out Stonewash, Blow Out Ice
Chino – Dark Olive & Washed Black
Cropped Chino – Dark Olive
Cropped Denim – Ash Black



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