Is it possible to still be hungover on a Thursday? Our third birthday celebrations ensued over the weekend at the picturesque Freshwater Beach Surf Club and have us all looking a bit worse for wear.

Whilst bacon & eggs and gatorade have given their best effort to get us back in touch with reality, nothing has brought us back to life more than our birthday present from our long-serving Cools ambassador, Poolclvb.

To celebrate our coming of age, the home grown homie gifted us a fruity mixtape which packs more of a punch than a vodka redbull and Mike Tyson combined. Whilst we said on terrible Tuesday we wouldn’t be partying until 2020, this unashamedly has us amped to get straight back to where we left things off on Saturday night. Plug in and savour every minute of feel-good-house goodness from the lord of all things Cools himself!